When the Gestapo Rang the Doorbell - The Michalski family and their silent heroes

Documentary Film by Marie Rolshoven
Germany 2018, 45 mins


Wednesday, 5 December 2018, 7 pm
German Resistance Memorial Center Foundation
Stauffenbergstraße 13
2nd floor, Room 2B

Barbara Schieb (Silent Heroes Memorial Center)


Franz Michalski was born in Görlitz in 1934. The National Socialist definition for his father was "Aryan" and for his mother "Jewish". Consequently he himself was regarded as a "Mischling 1. Grades" (mixed blood of the first degree). With the help of people who risked their own lives, Franz, his younger brother Peter and his parents survived persecution. The story of the family's persecution begins in Breslau and at the end of the war they were in hiding in Herrnskretschen. Their survival was greatly due to people in Görlitz, Breslau, Berlin, Poppendorf, Tetschen-Bodenbach and Herrnskretschen.

The Silent Heroes Memorial Center has been documenting the history of the Michalski family and their helpers since 2008. In contemporary witness interviews, Franz Michalski and his wife Petra tell young people the story of their escape through Europe.

Marie Rolshoven accompanied the couple to the places that became part of their story.
Marie Rolshoven works for the Silent Heroes Memorial Center and the exhibition project "We were Neighbors - Biographies of Jewish contemporary witnesses" at the Berlin-Schöneberg town hall. 

The film screening will be followed by a discussion with Franz Michalski, Petra Michalski and Marie Rolshoven.


Due to the limited number of seats, please register by 3 December at veranstaltung@gedenkstaette-stille-helden.de or by phone: +30.26 99 50 00