A list of the events commemorating individuals and families persecuted in Berlin during the Nazi era you'll find when clicking on DMAO 2018.

We pay tribute to them at original sites in Berlin, a former apartment, a courtyard, a garden, a cellar, a stairwell, in front of a residential building, a workplace, a university or where they hid from their persecutors, for example on the island of Reiswerder.

We are delighted that Jack M. Weil, the son of Ruth Reich, who was the sole survivor of her family, is coming to Berlin to take part in DENK MAL AM ORT.

We are also very pleased to welcome Merilyn Moos, a granddaughter of the Jacoby family, who will be here from London. 

On 5 and 6 May, Merilyn Moos and Jack M. Weil will be present at Gervinusstraße 20a, the former home of both their families.

Anna Marie, Käthe und Lotte Jacoby (c) Merilyn Moos, London
Anna Marie, Käthe und Lotte Jacoby (c) Merilyn Moos, London


We feel honoured to welcome Ludwig Joel Katzenellenbogen, who grew up in Berlin-Schöneberg. His parents ran a hardware shop in Goltzstraße 37. The Katzenellenbogen family fled the country in 1939. Joel Ludwig Katzenellenbogen who celebrated last autumn his 91st birthday in Netanya will join us for commemorating his family in Rosenheimer Straße 40 in May. He will be accompanied by his daughter Elsa, his grandson Dan and his son-in-law Shlomi Cohen.

Ludwig Katzenellenbogen, 1932                                    (c) Elsa Ety Katzenellenbogen Cohen