Frankfurt/M. 2020

Due to the unfortunate circumstances this year, all the rememberance took place online.


Saturday 4 April 2020


Semnar & Wolf Kommunikation GmbH, „Saal Wronker“ at  Souterrain, Senckenberganlage 12, Frankfurt-Westend

10 - 11 am   Talk

Forgotten Names Destroyed Lives recalls the history of the Jewish entrepreneur family of Hermann Wronker and their large department store on Frankfurt's Zeil. The Wronker family  lived at number 12 Senckenberganlage  (formerly number 76 Hohenzollernplatz) from 1911 up to the National Socialist "Aryanization" in 1937. An air raid destroyed the villa completely. District historian Dieter Mönch introduces the family in a lecture with the help of photographic documentation.



Villa Kennedy, Kennedyallee 70, Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen

11:30am - 12:30 pm   Talk
The historical part of today’s luxury hotel Villa Kennedy was originally the residence of the Jewish Beit von Speyer family. District historian Dieter Wesp researched the history of the building and discovered that the villa was one of around 170 properties acquired by the city of Frankfurt during the Nazi era. In 2018, the city of Frankfurt decided to conduct a comprehensive investigation into these events. In the historical wine cellar, Dieter Wesp recalls the history of the building, its former residents, and the circumstances under which they lost their property. He will also talk about a forthcoming research project.   




Mauerweg 10, Frankfurt-Nordend

1- 2pm   Biographical reading with documents and photographs


The initiator of the Stolpersteine and a current resident of the house recalls the three Jewish sisters Betty, Selma and Anna Wertheimer who lived in this house since 1910 with their parents Karl and Luise Wertheimer and later temporarily with their own families. Betty and Eugen Kloos, Selma and Simon Scheuer, and Anna and Emil Schmitt were deported from Frankfurt and murdered. In 2014, Stolpersteine were placed in front of the house in memory of the families.


Kantstraße 6, Frankfurt-Nordend

2 - 4 pm  Talk

Selma and Seligmann Stern and their daughter Elfriede were among those forcibly removed from their home to live at number 6 Kantstraße. With the help of photographs and documents, the current residents of the house, with Helga Irsch-Breuer as their contact person, invite you to share in commemorating the Stern family and a further 18 persecuted Jewish residents who lived in this house. In 2012, Stolpersteine were placed in front of the house in memory of Elfriede, Selma and Seligmann Stern. 




Kino Mal Sehn, Adlerflychtstraße 6,  Frankfurt-Nordend

2 – 4pm   Film and talk


Ernst Ludwig Oswalt (1922-1942) was a pupil of the Musterschule (Model School) and head of youth work in the Protestant parish of St. Peter. Persecuted by the National Socialists as a Jew, he wrote a letter to his friends the day before his deportation. Meinen Freunden zum Abschied (Farewell to My Friends) is also the title of an 80-minute documentary on Ernst Ludwig Oswalt by Frankfurt filmmaker Heiko Arendt. Ernst Ludwig Oswalt’s niece, Ruth Oswalt from Basel, will be present at the talk after the film.


Karl-Albert-Str. 33, 60385 Frankfurt-Bornheim

3 – 5pm   Reading, talk and music

Mina and Arnold Salomons lived in this house with their children Dagobert and Hanna. Dagobert was the only member of the family to escape to Columbia in 1938. After a global search current residents Rosi and Edgar Reh found Dagobert Salomons’s daughter in Darmstadt. Dr. Astrid Salomons tells the story of her family and reads from letters. This commemoration will be accompanied by the Chor des Musikalischen Wohnzimmers in Herrenapfel (Liz Nolte/accordion, Brett Nancarrow/clarinet, Lutz Eichhorn/guitar). In 2018, Stolpersteine were placed in front of the building in memory of the Salomon family.


An der Ringmauer 15, Frankfurt-Römerstadt

3 – 5pm   Talk and music

At house number 15 in Ringmauer street, district historian Christa Fischer recalls the people who lived in Römerstadt and were persecuted by the National Socialists. Opera singer Kalliopi Patrona-Küpper and concert guitarist Christian Küpper open their apartment for this commemoration and invite you to a musical memorial. Since 2018, sixteen Stolpersteine have been laid in Römerstadt to commemorate the Baumann, Berentzen, Bohrmann, Cahn, Fabisch, Goldschmidt, Höxter, Jakob, Löb, Simenauer and Rothenberger families.

Sunday 5 April 2020


Bildungsstätte Anne Frank e.V., Hansaallee 150, Frankfurt-Dornbusch

12noon – 2pm Talk

Elise Hofmann née Bloch, a widow, was one of the first people to move into the senior citizens’ residence at Hansaallee 146 built by the Henry and Emma Budge Foundation in 1930. In March 1939, the last of the Jewish residents were expelled from this home. Karen and Connie Levi from Rockville/Maryland and San Francisco will be in Frankfurt to remember their great-grandmother Elise Hofmann, who was murdered in Treblinka in 1942. In 2019, a Stolperstein was placed in front of today’s senior citizens’ centre Grünhof im Park in memory of Elise Hofmann.  


The Suite Fabric Hotel, Hanauer Landstraße 14,  Frankfurt-Ostend

3 – 5pm  Reading and talk with contemporary witness

Edith Erbrich née Bär was six years old when she was taken from a neighbouring house, number 60 Uhlandstraße, and deported on one of the last transports to Theresienstadt on 14 February 1945 with her older sister Hella and her father Norbert Bär. Today Edith Erbrich is a highly committed contemporary witness. Ich hab’ das Lachen nicht verlernt (I still know how to laugh) is the title of her life story recorded by Peter Holle (2014). 



Weinstube im Nordend, Eckenheimer Landstraße 84,  Frankfurt-Nordend

3 – 5pm   Reading and talk

In the Wine Tavern in Nordend, Hanne Straube pays homage to Selda and Abraham Ebe and their five children. The family lived in these rooms and ran the Ebe leather goods store there. On 29 October 1938, five members of the family were deported across the Polish border and abandoned there as part of the so-called Polish Action. Three surviving children applied for compensation for their murdered relatives. The reading from the files shows the humiliating actions of the authorities. In 2019, Stolpersteine were placed in front of the wine tavern in memory of Selda and Abraham Ebe and their children Rosa, Leo and Esther.


Weinstube im Nordend, Eckenheimer Landstraße 84, Frankfurt-Nordend

5:30pm  Installation 


A Light Installation of Names is our tribute to the people whose history we recall in Frankfurt on that weekend.