For funding our project DENK MAL AM ORT Berlin in the year 2020 our thanks go to "Stiftung Berliner Sparkasse von Bürgerinnen und Bürgern für Berlin".


Warmly we thank everybody who supported DENK MAL AM ORT 2019 financially and thus made it happen.

This year our special thanks go to:


Eva Krawietz and Hellmut Kleinschmidt, Frankfurt am Main

Steffen Uschmann, Gütersloh

Vivi and Rolf Lehmann, FUTOMANIA,  Berlin

Christine Kentzler, Munich

Ernst Lührmann, Bad Homburg

as well as every Berlin Supporters who want to remain anonymous. 


For supporting our project DENK MAL AM ORT in the year 2018 our thanks go to the Senate Administration of Berlin for culture and europe.

Through this financial support we were able to invite eleven former Berliners, their children and grandchildren to come to Berlin. They came from Israel, England, USA, the Netherlands and from Germany.