DMAO 2020


In three cities 75 years after the ending of WWII DENK MAL AM ORT (DMAO) remembers the humans who were politically persecuted in times of National Socialism.

FRANKFURT M.   April 4th + 5th

MUNICH   May 2nd + 3rd

BERLIN   May 9th + 10th

Annually since 2016 DMAO takes place on the first weekend after the anniversary of the surrender in the respective city.

2020 in Frankfurt on April 4th + 5th, in Munich on May 2nd +3rd and in Berlin on May 9th + 10th.

Due to the current situation this year it is impossible for us to remember our ancient neighbours together in authentic places.

Thats why together we go online in order to commemorate the people that were persecuted during Nazi-times using biographies and fotographies.

Due to the unfortunate circumstances this year, all the rememberance took place online. 

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